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November 19, 2016

Hypocrites in Need

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Bling bling

Bling bling

Child poverty has been officially eradicated within the United Kingdom thanks to a caring government that increased the numbers of children in need and then ignored them until they went away. As with any wealthy economy, the waifs and strays should have the aspiration to work hard and look after themselves rather than be reliant on charity and if they cannot survive without hand-outs, the very least they should do is die of neglect as far away as possible from unwarranted publicity.

Now that the big society public has taken on the responsibility of patronising children who happen to be poor or ill, the government needs to re-direct its limited resources to encourage healthy children to donate pocket money, the aged to donate their pension money and guilty people in full and meaningful employment to cough up some dosh to pay for the stuff that government is responsible for but has decided not to pay for. So, on the one day of the year when big business secures some cheap advertising by donating a tiny fraction of profit and rich people announce to the world that they have spent a fortune to have lunch with some minor celebrity and we can all have a jolly good laugh at paying twice for social care, charitable giving needs to be redirected. (more…)

November 17, 2016


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Boris Johnson kissing a fish

Boris Johnson kissing a fish

It would seem that our newly appointed Foreign Secretary equates European trade and unity, international détente, the globalised market and the free movement of people with the sale of Italian prosecco. The sad fact is; the newly appointed Foreign Secretary and the newly appointed Prime Minister are proving themselves to be something of an embarrassment to the United Kingdom and sadly renders us as the laughing stock of the world second only to the United States of America.

Boris Johnson is a complete and utter idiot. He may have a classics degree and can quote Ovid and Heraclitus with the ease of an inbred automaton coached in the language of privilege, but he remains a dangerous liability. His surprising elevation to Foreign Secretary might at first glance seem both bizarre and astonishing but it is, in fact, the nearest thing that Theresa “Baldrick” May has in terms of a cunning plan to remove the UK from the European Union. If anyone is qualified to scupper an exit, then Boris Johnson is the buffoon stupid enough to do the scuppering. (more…)

November 15, 2016

Rat in mi kitchen

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ub40Just when I thought that things could not possibly become any more horrific, problematic or deeply depressing, a rat has apparently taken up residence in the family home. About a week ago, perched upon the downstairs loo I became aware of a scuttling, scratching sound coming from behind the cistern. It was far too early to be the noisy neighbours from next door who tend to do their shouting and screaming after midnight and far too late for the student house on the other side who tend to finish their revels just before dawn. I finished my business and returned with a torch, a screwdriver and a substantial wooden mallet.

For weeks now, the house next door that is occupied by the noisy neighbours has been undergoing “redevelopment” to convert a normal three bedroom family home into six individual “executive style apartments”. The building contractors in their cowboy hats have disturbed a nest of rats quite separate from the slum landlord wishing to make loads of money through housing benefits paid directly from government into his tax avoiding bank account. (more…)

November 11, 2016

In Flanders Fields

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On another Armistice Day and with another sorry line of politicians trying desperately to look earnest as they lay poppy wreaths at the cenotaph, the passage of time means that there are no surviving veterans of the Great War and increasingly fewer survivors of the Second World War.

There was a time when our politicians understood the consequence of war as some of them experienced the brutality of conflict at first hand. Now dead; they have been replaced by politicians who are happy to engage in war from a distance and only if their own children are definitely not sent away to fight and die or fight and be maimed both physically and mentally. The closest these new Whitehall warriors come to the carnage is signing the contract that furnishes dictators with cluster bombs and the delivery platforms to blow away women and children. Look into their eyes as they remember the fallen and look into their morality as they place profits from the arms trade above human life. (more…)

November 9, 2016

E Pluribus Unum

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The voting places are beginning to close and in the next few hours the 45th President of the United States will be democratically elected. Unless, of course, one or other of the candidates refuses to accept the will of the American people and challenge the outcome in the courts or there is a repeat of the “hanging chads” fiasco in Florida.

Whatever the result, the divisive toxicity of such a long and unpleasant campaign has weakened America and shaken a once unshakable confidence. That one of the candidates has managed to come this close to White House is deeply worrying and the fact that there are many Americans happy to vote for blinkered bigotry and crass ignorance as the doctrine of the planet`s most powerful nation is a nightmare for us all. Astonishingly, even up to the last day before the poll, some voters were still undecided. (more…)

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