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December 12, 2016

The normalisation of Donald Trump

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In the growing cacophony generated by whole hosts of gloating winners and regiments of whining losers, the much abused English language has taken a bit of a battering of late.

What was once a solemn promise is now described as an ambition; a guarantee is an aspiration, blatant bare-faced lies are basic expressions of a post-truth world and 100 per cent rock solid facts are dismissed as not being recognisable and so simply ignored. Bigotry is patriotism; foreigners are the root cause of all our problems and fascists now refer to themselves as “alt-right”. Crass ignorance is now “populism” and any openly gay former Olympic fencers, feminists and people with foreign sounding names who are now Appeal Court Judges and have the temerity to defend the law and human rights are now considered to be enemies of the people.

Having been sullied by the invention of gobbledegook terms such as “brexiter” and “remoaner”, the beleaguered English language has had to further endure the indignity of a Prime Minister declaring the “brexit means brexit”. Even more preposterous is the toe-curling embarrassment of seeing Mrs May on a Royal Navy warship deployed to the Persian Gulf explaining that “brexit will be a red, white and blue brexit”. Selling more armaments to murderous dictatorships bombing the life out of children does little to enhance the credibility of a PM out of her depth, out of clues and out of her tiny mind. She is, perhaps, the first PM to erroneously make Boris Johnson look sensible.

If the British government exemplify the very acme of hypocrisy and duplicity, we must now turn our gaze across the ocean to a nation in very deep trouble and one that might just outdo the UK in signing up for collective madness. It was Winston Churchill who described the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States as being two nations divided by a common language. We should ignore the usual clichéd references to fag, fanny and suspenders and concentrate on the “normalisation” of Donald Trump.

Some of us might consider normalisation as a purely mathematical reconciliation of common factors between two different data sets and might shudder at the memory of processing quadratic equations during schools days long ago. However, 16 years into the 21st century, the term is now used as an attempt to make Donald Trump appear somehow normal. Whatever the definition of normal is these days, the last thing that Donald Trump exhibits is normality. The closing of US borders to Muslims; the building of a wall along the Mexican border and the astonishing misogyny, racism and homophobia are now being rewritten to remove them from history.

Trump`s claim that his first act as President would be to prosecute Hilary Clinton over her email accounts has been buried never to see the light of day which is interesting given that the CIA have evidence that Putin`s Russia hacked the emails and passed them on to Wikileaks. At this point we might ask who is funding the “alt-right” (fascist) movements in Europe. Farage, Le Penn, that weird bloke in Holland, Golden Dawn in Greece and some of the strange folk in Eastern Europe clearly favour the rouble over the euro. Who could possibly benefit from a disunited Europe and a United States led by a reality TV star imbecile?

During his campaign, Trump encouraged his easily led supporters to hate people and things. He exploited fear and turned it into irrational loathing. At his Nuremburg like rallies, any mention of Clinton resulted in screaming white folks chanting “lock her up, lock her up” in a frightening echo of what took place in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1690s. Interestingly, the Salem witch hunts were a result of isolationism, a fear of “outsiders”, irrational feuds between families, religious extremism, what is now called false news, envy and malicious accusations. The women that were hanged were innocent and, just for the sake of historical accuracy, one of the women who survived this barbaric horror was a witch called Rachel Clinton.

We need to reconsider what is acceptable as normal. Putin is a gangster that is intent on screwing up any government that opposes him. Trump will only look to making money for Trump. Theresa May is incapable of providing anything remotely sensible and Europe is being torn apart by petty xenophobia.

The English language is changing but there is one comforting thought. No matter what happens in the future to language or nation, the words “David Cameron” will forever be translated into the words “fucking idiot”.


  1. Even Trumps most avid supporters recognise some level of lunacy in his views. Therefore, present attempts to ‘normalise’ should come as no surprise. No doubt, once the paid US administrators have got a grip, he will be seen to have a full grasp of policy matters economic, environmental, social and international.

    What is as astonishing is the behaviour of the Blessed Theresa. Offered as the sensible choice to the Tories and a pair of safe hands to the nation, since ‘acquiring’ Office, she has demonstrated the reverse.

    She has made some mind-boggling and plainly stupid choices. Beginning with her Cabinet appointments and ended by the wretched Red, White and Blue statement. Sandwiched in between was the sound bite JAM.

    Meanwhile, social care and welfare seems to have been relegated to a minor matter that will be sorted by more privatisation or a raise in local taxes. Education is once again deemed to be a private sector, profit-based business. A bureaucratic wall is to be built between who live here and those who do not.

    Foreign policy is determined by the expedient of earnings from the supply of weapons and the control of energy supplies.

    Frankly, I am struggling to see much difference from Trump.

    Comment by The Realist — December 12, 2016 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  2. I’m inclined to agree with The Realist. When May emerged as PM, I was quite relieved. Her politics aren’t mine (by some distance) but I expected competence and daughter-of-the-vicarage rectitude. Instead we’ve got ludicrous soundbites and ludicrous appointments. How on earth does Nicky bloody Morgan emerge as a beacon of moderation?

    Comment by Alan — December 15, 2016 @ 10:57 am | Reply

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