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December 14, 2016

Rogue One

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Sky Walkers Crisps

Sky Walkers Crisps

When something outrageous or provocative is broadcast on television or radio, there is a simple solution that could avoid a dangerous increase in blood pressure, impotent fury and a desire to hit the domestic appliance with an unusually heavy object. The answer is easy; change channel or switch the bloody thing off.

If the irrational ranting of an anonymous blogger pretending to be a polypropylene even-toed ungulate river horse causes outrage of such incandescence that you are moved to quote the Daily Mail as fact, do not read the blog and look instead at pictures of cats. There is, by the way, no need for any Mollie Sugden references here thank you very much.

If you take umbrage at a total stranger on Twitter or Facebook and feel the need to threaten them with rape and or beheading then the problem might be residing in you rather than in the opinions you disagree with. Try getting out more and maybe attempt to find a girlfriend or, indeed, a boyfriend or, as a short-term measure, another actual human being capable of an actual conversation that aspires to more than basic grunting.

If you fundamentally take exception to the editorial policy of a newspaper or magazine, refrain from spending your money on the publication and buy something to read that reflects your own peculiar mind set. Above all, do not think that you are correct in your opinions and everyone else is wrong apart from those you agree with and those that agree with you.


When a supposedly impartial, unbiased and seemingly respectable state broadcaster persistently describes extreme right-wing fascist groups as “anti-establishment” rather than extreme right-wing fascists and allows some rather divisive statements from barking racists to go unchallenged, we have gone beyond a letter of complaint to Points of View or the Radio Times. The Today programme on Radio 4 will happily host a lively debate between two or even three little Englanders to ascertain which bigot is the most unpleasant. The PM programme, again on Radio 4, asks a railway union leader if he is happy that “his” strike is putting people out of work and denying cancer patients the treatment they deserve. Chris Grayling, an idiot of the first order and a man who will forever be associated with the term “simpleton” is asked if he will ban strikes on the railway. Sadly, Chris Grayling was not available for interview. Spookily, the Director of BBC News James Harding is a former employee of the odious Rupert Murdoch and Grayling is a former producer at BBC news. Small world.

On radio and television news, depending on what is going on elsewhere, a negative story about the NHS will be third or fourth in the running order. A lack of hygiene, competence, care, compassion or interest is juxtaposed with horrific tales of preventable death brought about by evil doctors, nurses and support staff. There is no mention of scandalous underfunding and actual cuts or of a clearly stated government policy to privatise public health to generate profit for greedy corporate Tory donors. Jeremy Hunt is not available for a lobotomy as the procedure would not be able to identify any evidence of empathy or competence within his cerebral cortex.

Freedom of speech is vital if an independent printed press is to hold authority to account. Sadly, the printed press is controlled by a very small group of old, white, wealthy men who ooze bigotry and intolerance like pus from a recently squeezed monstrous boil. When the United Nations describe The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Sun as “extremist” then it will take more than a half inch apology on page 32 to redress the malice, hatred and ignorance that has been whipped up to increase circulation and viewing figures and may yet engulf us all. We can add to the shameless rags that peddle hatred for profit a new rogue recently graduated from being merely acknowledged as a complete joke. The Morning Star, an absurd comic of the highest order, considers what is happening in Aleppo as “liberation”. How that fits with any definition of socialism is anybody`s guess and is as stupid as the rightwing tabloids demanding that people fleeing the horror of Syria should have yet more bombs dropped on them to deter migration.

With Putin and Assad murdering children, it is conveniently easy to ignore our involvement and lack of condemnation of the barbarity unleashed in Gaza and Yemen and with Putin having just bought America and currently funding the disintegration of Europe; it is comforting to read headlines blaming immigrants for the woes we have brought on ourselves. Not buying rubbish newspapers is an option but it will not stop the gullible believing every word is true.

With a UK opposition consisting of Gary Lineker and just about nobody else, a rather splendid protest campaign has done something clever. Obviously not buying the vile rags is futile because any sensible reader would see through the lies and not buy them anyway. Instead, Stop Funding Hate is encouraging individuals to contact companies that advertise in the “extremist” publications to politely ask if they are happy to pay money to newspapers that lie and encourage their readers to hate other people. The companies on the receiving end of polite emails pointing out that advertisers are promoting bigotry include Aldi, Asda, Barclays, British Airways, Co-op UK, Gillette, Iceland, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Virgin Media and Waitrose. None of the above will be getting any of my business until they stop funding hatred.

Specsavers have decided not to advertise in The Daily Express after numerous gentle reminders that the Daily Express is promoting fear and division and Gary Lineker is in discussions with Walkers crisps to stop promoting the delicious potato snack in Murdoch`s vile tabloid. Some might suggests that this campaign is an attempt to end free speech and shut down an independent media. It is worth remembering that the former England footballer and current TV host scored more goals in World Cup finals than any other Englishman and was never booked or sent off during his long career. He also presented Match of the Day in his pants after placing a rash bet on Leicester City becoming champions of the Premier League. When he expressed sympathy for refugees on twitter, the vile Murdoch tabloid launched an astonishing character assassination on him and demanded that the BBC terminate his employment. That indicates how the vile Murdoch tabloid regards free speech.

If Lineker represents Luke Skywalker, then the rest of the rebellion against the evil empire must be the Danish purveyor of building bricks and the largest producer of tyres on the planet. Lego announced that they would no longer advertise in the Daily Mail and will no longer engage in future promotional activity with the dreadful rag.

In a galaxy far, far away, life forms unknown to mankind and vastly wiser are observing and are forming an alliance with Gary Lineker and Lego.

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