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December 22, 2016

Oh God

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In this season of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, we should give pause and reflect upon the astounding success of Nigel Farage. After failing to be elected in two parliamentary by elections and five parliamentary general elections, the absentee Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England has amassed more airtime, more column inches of newsprint and more attention than an average or even above average Prime Minister.

The public school commodities broker and anti-establishment scourge of the privileged elite has had his masturbatory fantasy of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union come true and now claims credit for single-handedly protecting our borders, taking back our country and making the South East of England great again. Before an overwhelming 28 per cent of eligible voters decided to leave the EU, Farage said that a vote to remain of, for example, 52 per cent to 48 per cent would be “unfinished business” requiring a second referendum. Strangely, this man of the people now considers 52 per cent a landslide victory and a clear expression of the will of the entire UK population and confirmation of our belief in him as our one, true saviour.

But perhaps Farage will be best remembered as a base attention-seeker who exploited ignorance for personal gain. Having milked millions of Euros from a parliament he does not bother attending and claiming some very interesting running costs stashed off-shore in the Isle of Man, he has made a very good living out of stoking up distrust and anxiety. He has achieved his ambition of dividing the nation both racially and morally and has championed hatred and fear. His life`s work to ruin the United Kingdom is now complete but rather than fade away, his addiction to publicity is causing what can only be described as an emotional crisis.

He has seized upon the horrific events at a Christmas market in Berlin to score some rather distasteful political points even as families are mourning the dead and others are fighting for life. Without any evidence, Farage has blamed immigration for the carnage and describes the loss of life as “Merkel`s legacy”. When challenged by the widower of Jo Cox, Farage suggests that Brendan Cox is linked to “violent extremists” because Brendan Cox has offered his support to the Hope Not Hate Campaign. Three things, Nigel; Hope Not Hate is a group that peacefully challenges racism and fascism and Jo Cox was an elected MP who was assassinated by a violent racist because she spoke out offering compassion to refugees fleeing from certain death. As a descendant of Huguenot refugees you might be expected to display some empathy. Thirdly, the violent extremist who murdered Jo Cox took his inspiration from the likes of you and you have yet to condemn his barbaric actions. Your legacy is covered in blood.

We have reached the stage where we cannot simply ignore grotesques like Nigel Farage in the hope that once denied the oxygen of attention they will just wither away and die. In a post-truth, fake news era, these people are dangerous yet it is pointless to confront them with actual facts because they refuse to accept evidence and deny the very essence of humanity. There is no point in insulting them or calling them names in a fit of pique brought about by liberal outrage. Describing Farage as a corrupt egomaniac peddling racism as a career move might be undeniably true but such accusations are exactly what he wants. He is certainly a vile and disgusting affront to human decency but in the looking glass world of Farage such condemnation is considered as a racist slur instantly reflected back at the accuser.

Extremists like Farage prosper with division and anger and the xenophobic bigot has more in common with the (so called) Islamic State than with the rest of humanity. Islamic State (so called) is working to make all non-Muslims hate all Muslims in order to recruit more Muslims into violent Jihad. Farage wants all non-Muslims to hate all Muslims to recruit more non-Muslims into a racist cult of irrational loathing. Every utterance spat out of his hateful mouth is another victory for (so called) Islamic State and every disgraceful lie radicalises another violent white supremacist and another violent jihadist. Farage is helping Islamic State (so called) and the so called know it.

Ignoring being ignored or ignoring being challenged or ignoring being insulted, there must be some authority that can redress the nonsense that Farage and his ilk continue to spout. Perhaps, if he actually exists, we should turn to God. Instead of dispatching Santa Claus this year, maybe God should ask the Grim Reaper to make a list, check it twice and find out who has been naughty or nice and then pay Nigel Farage a visit.

God knows God has tried in the past. In 1985, after a particularly good night out, a younger Nigel was staggering about when he was hit by a car. He suffered major head injuries but made a recovery. About a year later the discovery of testicular cancer resulted in the removal of his left testicle. At this point under the statute of the now defunct Godwin`s Law, any comparison to Adolf Hitler is entirely coincidental. On the morning of polling day during the 2010 General Election, Farage survived the crash of the aircraft he was travelling in. If He is to make a meaningful contribution to European politics, God really needs to up His game and the NHS really needs to look at the type of person it decides to treat.

In this season of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, Farage has achieved his ambition to divide civil society and spread fear and loathing within our communities and for that he will receive no goodwill from me. If we can cope with the loss of David Bowie, Victoria Wood and Leonard Cohen, I am sure we could cope with the loss of Nigel Farage. To be clear, unlike Nigel Farage, I am not advocating violence nor would I wish upon him the suffering inflicted by the right-wing extremists he is happy to exploit. Instead I would wish him a peaceful goodnight following a tap on the shoulder from the Grim Reaper.

And if Mr Reaper is in this neck of the woods, perhaps a visit to Arron Banks, James Delingpole and the appalling Katie Hopkins might be in order. I will not be ensnared by hatred and I will not despise fellow human beings based on their lack of humanity but I will shed no tears when Farage and his like depart this world. God will be their judge and there is plenty of room left in the eternal flames of the deepest pits of Hell. Sorry; but that`s what happens when extremists encourage hatred.

Happy Christmas Nigel; one day Brendan Cox will have to explain to his children exactly who you were.

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