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December 14, 2016

Rogue One

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Sky Walkers Crisps

Sky Walkers Crisps

When something outrageous or provocative is broadcast on television or radio, there is a simple solution that could avoid a dangerous increase in blood pressure, impotent fury and a desire to hit the domestic appliance with an unusually heavy object. The answer is easy; change channel or switch the bloody thing off.

If the irrational ranting of an anonymous blogger pretending to be a polypropylene even-toed ungulate river horse causes outrage of such incandescence that you are moved to quote the Daily Mail as fact, do not read the blog and look instead at pictures of cats. There is, by the way, no need for any Mollie Sugden references here thank you very much.

If you take umbrage at a total stranger on Twitter or Facebook and feel the need to threaten them with rape and or beheading then the problem might be residing in you rather than in the opinions you disagree with. Try getting out more and maybe attempt to find a girlfriend or, indeed, a boyfriend or, as a short-term measure, another actual human being capable of an actual conversation that aspires to more than basic grunting. (more…)

December 12, 2016

The normalisation of Donald Trump

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In the growing cacophony generated by whole hosts of gloating winners and regiments of whining losers, the much abused English language has taken a bit of a battering of late.

What was once a solemn promise is now described as an ambition; a guarantee is an aspiration, blatant bare-faced lies are basic expressions of a post-truth world and 100 per cent rock solid facts are dismissed as not being recognisable and so simply ignored. Bigotry is patriotism; foreigners are the root cause of all our problems and fascists now refer to themselves as “alt-right”. Crass ignorance is now “populism” and any openly gay former Olympic fencers, feminists and people with foreign sounding names who are now Appeal Court Judges and have the temerity to defend the law and human rights are now considered to be enemies of the people. (more…)

December 10, 2016

Throne of Games

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Supreme Court

Supreme Court

The sound quality was appalling, the camera angles limited and the best way to describe the vision mixing would be clumsy to say the very least but the Supreme Court`s live streaming of the government`s appeal against a High Court ruling regarding the use of the royal prerogative to trigger Article 50 and so leave the European Union made for compelling viewing.

Conducted with a consummate dignity and with a respectful politeness now completely eradicated from news, current affairs, documentary and reality television programming, all R (on the application of Miller and another)(Respondents) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Appellant) needs is a snappier title and it could well be up for multiple BAFTA nominations. Watching the finest legal minds in the United Kingdom offer arguments and counter-arguments might not be everyone`s idea of daytime television but it was infinitely more edifying that the freak shows that allow us to laugh at the poor and poorly educated. There was no need for bouncers at the Supreme Court. (more…)

December 8, 2016

Splat the rat

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Hear no evil

Hear no evil

It is with considerable joy and with a palpable sense of relief that the timely demise of Nigel the Rat can be announced to an indifferent public. Regular readers of this blog may remember the sorry tale of the uninvited pest invading the sumptuous kitchens of the hippo estate not yet four short weeks ago. Having established an excellent working relationship with the vermin extermination operative now known to the family as “Ron the Rat Man”, Nigel has scuttled his last and all the open bread bins in the world will not bring him back. He shall never again feast at my fruit bowl or drink at my sink or leave his droppings on top of my fridge; so he`ll go no more a burrowing so late into the night. (more…)

December 6, 2016

Above the law

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The Supreme Court Walking Football Team

The Supreme Court Walking Football Team

It is becoming depressingly clear that sections of the UK media and swathes of the UK public have a remarkably thin grasp of how the law works so here is a word of advice to those attempting to undermine the credibility and national loyalty of senior judges: your argument might fail if you persist in shouting out insults and lies. The old duffers currently hearing the government`s appeal against a High Court ruling that parliament and not cabinet should trigger the Article 50 process of leaving the European Union are concerned only with the law and not with politics, economics, xenophobia or the pig ignorance of certain newspaper editors and proprietors. (more…)

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