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January 6, 2017

Mob rule

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There can be no finer example of British values than the deranged irrationality of an ill-informed angry mob in full hue and cry. The indignant if ignorant enraged fury in other circumstances might be regarded as hilarious where it not for the seriousness of the current situation and the shrieks of bitter opprobrium in more sensible times would probably induce sympathy rather than a futile acceptance that the world has gone stark, raving mad.

Sir Ivan Rogers might not be a household name but that does not present a barrier to appearing on celebrity television game shows populated by celebrities that no one has ever heard of. His resignation as the British Ambassador to the European Union has elevated him to a fame beyond bag carrying diplomacy. The reaction of his going has resulted in an outpouring of hysterical ordure from various rabble rouses intent upon inflaming the mob. As with anything remotely connected to Europe, the first voice to offer a comment on BBC News was, of course, Nigel Farage. Quite how the former leader of a minor political party, failed parliamentary candidate, alleged fraudster, known liar and shameless self-promoting shyster demanding a knighthood and the job of Ambassador to the United States should receive so much attention from the state broadcaster is anyone`s guess but it might be something to do with a vacancy for Ambassador to the EU.

Farage stated that Rogers was another member of the Westminster establishment elite determined to ignore the will of the people and block the UK`s exit from evil Europe. Farage went on to say that Sir Ivan should have resigned the day after the referendum and when his replacement was announced, a bitter Farage who desperately wants to be a career diplomat with a knighthood, complained that Rogers had been replaced by another career diplomat with a knighthood. Mercifully, Farage lacks the skills to be a diplomat or the dubious honour of being a knight of the realm and has been awarded with a radio show on LBC broadcasting bile and hatred to Londoners too posh or too poor to be watching East Enders or Coronation Street.

“Caller on line two is Alf from Wapping…hello Alf.
Yes Nigel, I agree with you mate…there`s too many bleedin` foreigners coming over here and deliberately being clever to make me look stupid.
Thank you Alf and here`s Exodus – Movement of Jah People by Bob Marley and the Wailers.”

The increasingly certifiable Iain Duncan Smith was incandescent with manufactured wrath when Sir Ivan suggested that negotiations to leave the EU might be complex and a new set of trade deals might take up to ten years to implement. In saying this in a private briefing to UK ministers, the Ambassador was doing the job that government pay him to do, namely representing UK interests in Europe. The memo, however, was leaked by someone who did not like the message and decided to shoot the messenger. Astonishingly, Iain Duncan Smith who spent more on Universal Credit than it saves, who broke the law regarding Workfare, who sanctioned dying men and women and who forced countless legitimate benefit claimants to suicide describes Rogers as untrustworthy.

Former Northern Ireland Secretary (the governmental equivalent of the naughty step) Theresa Villiers said:
“I think, you know, Sir Ivan was due to move on soon anyway, you know, his successor`s now been in place, his successor`s been universally welcomed as an extremely able negotiator. I thought Sir Ivan`s resignation email was, I don`t know, rambling, a bit emotionally needy, not something you would expect from a civil servant of that calibre.”
So nothing rambling or emotionally needy in the sacked former ministers response to a resignation email that urged civil servants to “challenge ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking”.

For an angry mob that wants to basically “take back control” of England, the stars of the leave campaign are picking fights with some unlikely advisories and allying themselves with some rather unsavoury foreign interests. Having taken issue with the judiciary and the Church of England, national treasure Gary Lineker and warbling songbird Lily Allen, the Murdoch tabloid, Rothermere`s rag and Desmond`s disgrace are turning their fire on the civil service. Clearly, the Fourth Estate regards the other three estates as enemies of the people if they dare to question anything the leave campaign says or does. Interestingly, the yellow press are owned or registered off shore for tax purposes – how patriotic.

The rising hysteria of the angry mob at least lays bare some jaw dropping examples of monumental hypocrisy and offers an insight into what is in the minds of those taking leave of their senses as they insist we take leave of Europe with immediate effect. Michael Gove now states that Britain is fed up of listening to “experts” and we must reclaim common sense. This might explain why Michael Gove was given the job of ruining education in the United Kingdom with his imposition of “rigour” and meaningless targets and ridiculous league tables. His agenda started and ended with keeping children silent, ignorant and compliant. It might also explain why Chris Grayling in channelling billions across the channel to grateful European citizens who enjoy a railway system operated as an amenity and not a cash cow.

The shrill and idiotic frenzy of the mob is now becoming tiresome. It is obvious that the government is playing for time in the hope that leaver`s heads will explode with rage or that they die of old age. Sadly, the mob now aroused will realise this and turn on the rabble rousers who promised so much pie in the sky. As Europhile Winston Churchill famously said:
“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

Franklin D Roosevelt was more pragmatic when he said:
“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

But perhaps Thomas Jefferson hit the nail on the head when he observed the current state of Albion from beyond the grave:
“A democracy”, he said, “is nothing more than mob rule where 51 per cent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49 per cent.”


  1. Sorry, Hippo, I thought there was something of the odour of a rodent about the Jefferson quote, and it appears I’m right. The TJ Foundation says it’s spurious:

    Comment by Alan — January 6, 2017 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

  2. Well the Thomas Jefferson Foundation would say that wouldn`t they. It was, after all, said in a pre-truth era.

    Comment by theplastichippo — January 6, 2017 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

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