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January 20, 2017

Constant sorrow

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In an infinite, expanding and increasingly bizarre universe where strangeness and what once passed for normality have become blurred, the prospect of George Clooney forming a ZZ Top tribute band to perform at the inauguration of a racist con man as the President of the United States would, astonishingly, not be considered as much of a surprise.

The days when presidential indiscretions were quietly ignored are long gone and the American people have decided, with a little helpful persuasion from a former KGB gangster who is now a presidential gangster, that a shameless sexual predator who uses his fame to molest women is the right man for the job. It would seem that the cruel mockery of a journalist with disabilities is acceptable and that a deeply disturbing attitude towards his own daughter is, in some way, normal and that overt racism encouraging hatred is somehow appropriate in the second decade of the 21st century. When a president elect claims that he will be the greatest president ever created by God and gives responsibility for a massive arsenal of lethal weaponry to a character who likes to be known as “mad dog” and when that same president elect is happy to be endorsed by the KKK, then it might be time to start stocking up tinned foods, candles and toilet paper.

Even as a president of communist China lectures the very wealthiest of capitalists at a summit in Davos on the benefits of free trade and globalisation, an American president elect retreats into protectionist isolationism and is taking action to suppress scrutiny from any sections of the press that dare to ask difficult questions. A British Prime Minister continues to employ a degraded Grayling, an offensive Boris Johnson and a complete Jeremy Hunt. Rupert Murdoch continues to set government policy. A new world order has been established without any fuss or bother and the zeitgeist is based on being as unpleasant as possible because being unpleasant has evidently proved to be rather popular. Trump and various other European opportunists have managed to engineer a climate of intolerance and a hatred of rationality which suggests that the planet might be overdrawn at the bank of common sense.

Some might think that an American president who already refers to himself in the third person and reacts to theatre performances, television programmes, newspaper articles and criticism from individuals by tweeting some very strange stuff in the middle of the night might be something of a liability. We are, however, encouraged to give this narcissistic spoilt adolescent in an old man`s body a chance to make America great again. Sadly, this psychopath now has the nuclear launch codes and although Moscow is safe due to the dirt – literally – that Putin has on Trump, China should think twice about embracing the un-American concepts of free trade and an economy governed by market forces and Meryl Streep should invest in a nuclear bunker underneath her home.

We can no longer consider Trump as a clown or a joke or simply a fraudster that got lucky. Barely able to string together a coherent sentence, his body language states more about him than the few words he has managed to memorise. Freud would have understood the habitual touching of the microphone even though microphones were not common in Freud`s day. The sinister physical stalking of Hillary Clinton during one of the candidate`s debate bordered on criminality and his Mussolini jutting chin is as much an indicator of psychosis as is his habit of conjoining thumb and index finger in a subconscious display of a triumphant evolution to the possession of a ape`s opposable thumb. Well done Donald…now have a go at language.

A sex crazed Orangutan in the Whitehouse is nothing new but this particular primate presents more of a danger than a president throwing his excrement around the Oval Office. Trump has stated that he will end Obama Care, return the US to a nation that is happy to torture and move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He will end the nuclear deal with Iran, retreat from an “obsolete” NATO and reverse the US commitment to the Paris climate change agreement. It is unlikely that any of these policies will benefit the United States or its allies so we might like to ask who will gain advantage from a divided America, a divided North Atlantic alliance, a fracturing Europe and a Middle East dominated by Mig 29s and Sukhoi bombers. This might explain why Putin is funding Le Penn, Farage and the rest of the European crazies. Now that is a video tape to be avoided and might explain some surprising election and referenda results.

We can only hope that Trump is impeached within seconds of taking the presidential oath because, according to some pesky lawyers, the serially bankrupt sex offender, racist, fraudulent alleged rapist might be in breach of the constitution because, basically, he is a crook that makes Nixon look like Abe Lincoln.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? was not the best film made by the Coen Brothers but was probably the best movie that George Clooney appeared in. If you can forgive the clumsy references to Homer`s Odyssey which allowed John Goodman to play the Cyclops Polyphemus as a bent bible salesman with an eye patch and Clooney to overact as a con artist Ulysses, then the film is a delight simply for its sublime blue grass and mountain music soundtrack.

Imagine George Clooney forming a ZZ Top tribute band to replace a Bruce Springsteen tribute band who pulled out of the inauguration gig due to death threats. With crooked, racists, repellent politicians and their idiot sons and their corrupt advisors, here is a piece of Coen Brothers reality:

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