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January 28, 2017

Executive disorders

It might just be possible to take in the deluge of effluent pouring out of the White House during the first week of Trump`s presidency with open-mouthed incredulity.

Another reaction might be to simply deny that such madness is possible 17 years into the 21st century and hope that if we close our eyes and make a wish then the whole thing will turn out to be a bad dream. A third coping mechanism might be to dismiss the deranged collection of executive orders as meaningless posturing only intended to grab a passing headline and a fourth straw to clutch at is that all of Trump`s hatred is unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable. It is relatively easy to explain and disregard Trump`s tub thumping as the product of a fragile ego, an unstable mind and a rather sad, desperate plea for attention. Sadly, the sorry spectacle of a British Prime Minister rushing to legitimise the descent into a new dark age is a fandango that is more difficult to fathom and one that will be difficult to forget.

During his first day in office, Trump set about dismantling the Affordable Care Act which will deny adequate health care to millions of American citizens without any coherent plan for either repeal or replacement. In abandoning responsibility for the wellbeing of Americans, Trump has much in common with Theresa May`s approach to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister and her inept predecessor have divided the UK and brought both the European Union and the union of British nations to existential crisis simply to put a lid on a petty back bench squabble between self-interested and narrow-minded Tory MPs.

With the lucrative bits of the NHS and some world-class science tucked away in her handbag, Theresa May is begging Trump for a one-way trade deal that will be disastrous for the UK. Trump has already withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership with will result in Pacific rim nations including Australia and New Zealand dealing directly with China. Trump blames the North American Trade Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico for crime, unemployment and, presumably, male sexual violence in the so-called rust belt. However, as one German politician pointed out; if you want to sell more cars, make better cars. With Boris Johnson and Liam Fox promoted way beyond ability, we can only wish Theresa May the very best of luck in securing a trade deal with a serial bankrupt, fraudster and tax avoider.

Trump denies man-made climate change and is putting the environmental accords signed by Obama through the shredder based on a dislike for Obama rather than any recognition of science or the bleeding obvious. He has approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines to the delight of the oil industry and the steel company he has a financial interest in who are providing the pipe. Women, it seems, are not allowed a say regarding their own bodies and people with disabilities who disagree with Trump can expect to be mocked on live, network television. This is the type of world leader that Theresa May is happy to share a platform with for no other reason than to beg for a trade deal.

To be fair to the Prime Minister, she did say that the president did not think that NATO was obsolete even though he said it was a few days earlier but it required the BBCs Laura Kuenssberg to ask the president the awkward questions about torture, Russia, a ban on Muslims entering America and punishment for abortion. Trump was not happy but re-stated that torture was okay thereby confirming that the war on terror is well and truly lost. May said nothing. Interestingly, 24 hours earlier, Kuenssberg described the government defeat at the Supreme Court as a win for the government. Happy to ask a halfwit sex pest an awkward question, Kuenssberg might consider a bit of sisterly solidarity by asking the Prime Minister if she agrees with Trump`s casual fascism and if she felt safe being in the same room as the vile, old racist pervert.

Trump confirmed that he will build a wall on the Mexican border. This, he has repeatedly said, will be paid for by Mexico. Trump might find this notion problematic. Having described Mexicans as criminals and rapists, any funding from Mexicans must, therefore, come from the proceeds of crime which is another example of Trumps idiocy being unconstitutional. In reality, Trump`s ridiculous wall will be funded by the American tax payer and then the cost will be paid again by the American consumer following the imposition of a 20 per cent tariff on imports from Mexico. Apart from just about everything else, Trump`s grasp on reality does not extend beyond the 140 characters that occupy what remains of his mind late at night when he is alone with his thought. Homer Simpson is in charge of the free world.

As a response to the 9/11 attacks, Trump has decided that after 16 and a half years, the war on terror will be best served by denying Muslims entry to the United States if “they” come from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen. Interestingly, the extreme Islamic terrorists who committed the crimes against humanity on 9/11 originated from Egypt, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Obviously, Egypt, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia cannot possibly be terrorist supporting states because Egypt, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are civilised enough to host a Trump golf resort and a lurid and utterly tasteless Trump tower and would never behead people in the streets. By total coincidence, Muslim refugees now barred from the US originate in countries ruined and made dangerous by violence exported by the United States of America and its more compliant allies. Theresa May helpfully told Republican politicians that she and Trump will be avoiding unnecessary wars in the future.

Without any sense of shame or consequence, Trump signed his executive order on refugees during Holocaust Memorial Day. Theresa May said nothing and instead paid a visit to Turkey to sell some weapons to yet another unhinged despot. She may feel honoured to be the first to sign the visitors` book in Washington and Ankara but it might just be that other less shallow leaders would wish to have as little contact as possible with fascist tyrants.

Almost unnoticed in May`s trip to the parlours of dirty old men, was a pronouncement from oafish Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. It seems this idiot`s latest idea is to allow Assad to stand in an election in Syria to end the crisis brought about by crimes against humanity committed by Assad. Given Russia`s expertise in managing overseas elections, one wonders how long it will be before Assad enjoys a state visit to Buckingham Palace.

Theresa May holding hands with Trump might be a way of stopping him grabbing something else but May will be remembered by the company she keeps.

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  1. Trump is grasping at a straw.

    After well less than a year, Theresa has shown herself entirely incapable between judging what is urgent and what is important.

    Downing Street and the White House both suggested that the President took her hand because of his fear of ramps and slopes. I understand the terror of slopes – a well-documented Trump phobia. But a professed supporter of water-boarding loathing ramps? Never!!

    The blessed Theresa is no doubt busy washing her hands – again.

    It will not make any difference. A greasy pole and gloves swathed in Swarfega will only result in a slide to the mud. Fortunately, all opposition has become sawdust, so the landing will be soft.

    Ps As I seem to be the only person willing to comment, I feel compelled to continue, if only out of loyalty.

    Comment by The Realist — January 30, 2017 @ 12:27 pm | Reply

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