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February 16, 2017

Combustion in the trouser department

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In primary classrooms, Sunday schools, Madrassas, Gurdwaras, Synagogues, Temples and nurseries across the planet the message is simple; if you tell a lie you will always be found out.

In corrupt business organisations those who are dishonest will always face accountability depending upon financial confidentiality and a variable definition of what is in the public interest.

In politics, honest men and women who have been quoted out of context are the victims of smears, fake news and alternative facts in blatant disregard of national security even if the victims actively promote smears, fake news, alternative facts and, to put it bluntly, downright, bare faced, whopping great lies.

During the recent United States presidential campaign, a chap called Lt. General Michael T Flynn addressed an election rally in support of Donald Trump. He led a rather excitable crowd in a chant of “lock her up” when suggesting that Hillary Clinton`s use of a private email server was a major threat to US security and a treasonable offence. He went on to state that as an expert in the field of intelligence, if he had committed one tenth of the crimes perpetrated by Clinton, then he would certainly be in prison. We now know that at the same time, Flynn and others in the Trump camp were in contact with a foreign power attempting to influence the outcome of the presidential election. With the election duly influenced, Flynn found himself appointed as Trump`s National Security Advisor and enjoyed some jolly phone calls over Christmas assuring Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak that any sanctions imposed by the still President Obama would be overturned once Trump was in the White House. It seems rather odd that a private citizen prior to being elevated to a position of power should conduct international diplomacy without some form of authorisation from above.

In an uncanny echo of Watergate and Contragate, it was not the lie that brought down the house of cards but the attempt to cover up the obvious wrongdoing. There the comparison ends; Trump is not as cunning as Nixon, Flynn is even dimmer than Oliver North, Vice President Pence seems even more bewildered than Reagan and although Henry Kissinger still shows signs of life, he is in no position to help an out of control administration. Watergate took years to unravel but thanks to the invention of Twitter, Trump is falling apart within weeks.

Mercifully, here in the United Kingdom, we enjoy a more truthful breed of politician. The British public would never accept a democratically elected representative painting a great big lie on the side of a bus only to vote against the “alleged” promise a few months later. It would be unthinkable to suggest that those we trust are anything other than entirely honest.

Take, for example, Paul Nuttall MEP, the latest Kipper leader, regular BBC expert and hopeful parliamentary candidate for Stoke–on-Trent. Camera shy Paul has never attempted to mislead the public and yet has been the target of disgraceful smears, fake news and alternative facts peddled by various liars with a hidden agenda. Clearly a man of enormous intellect, he has a PhD from a university that wasn`t a university when he attended and was not even a college that was authorised to bestow any degree at all. He is a man of great sporting prowess and as a child walked from Bootle to Liverpool, swam the Mersey and then walked to Tranmere to play professionally in goal against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. It was in the muddy goalmouths of Prenton Park that the young Nuttall developed a loathing for Europe, Europeans, the Euro, Europhiles and anything at all that contributed to him being in a team that was regularly beaten ten nil. He now supports Stoke City even though he has never lived in the six towns.

Forever modest, he has never claimed credit for inventing Mintoes or to being the interim drummer between Pete Best and Ringo and he has never suggested to any media outlet that his involvement in the promotion of Liverpool as the City of European Culture was anything more than advisory.

Having lost a number of close personal assistants as a result of smears, fake news and alternative facts peddled by close personal assistants; Paul Nuttall continues to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought about by having to dress up like Nigel Farage for years and years. As a 12-year-old, the young Nuttall witnessed on television the full horror of racists failing to win any elections and then bleating about how unfair it was. Growing up in Thatcher`s Britain that did not allow good honest hatred, young Paul soon turned to bigotry and a fertile imagination. At about this time, it is not inconceivable that Nuttall, aged four, played a pivotal role in protecting John Lennon from a failed assassination attempt in New York City in December 1980.

We can only respect Mr Nuttall`s decision to remain silent for so long on the events of April 1989 as such horror can be almost unimaginable. To be a witness and a victim would break any human heart and his decision not to take available counselling, therapy or support in the aftermath of a disaster is truly heroic. His sensible tactic of not getting involved in any campaign to bring justice for the 96 until 22 years had elapsed and the pay cheques from the BBC started to arrive is a testament to the courage of this noble Hillsborough survivor.

It all starts with a little white lie.

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