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March 4, 2017

Lost in translation

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In a world of alternative facts and fake news being accepted as truth, it is little wonder that blatant plagiarism is ignored and rather than offering any effort at reasoned arguments, insults, rumour and downright lies have become the double-standard of political discourse.

How we all laughed when the current First Lady of the United States earnestly addressed the autocue screens with the uncannily similar words of the former First Lady of the United States and how none of it matters and we have now all forgotten about it. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Auden and George Harrison were all happy to pay tribute to those who have gone before and accusations of intellectual theft from lesser authors are merely sordid complaints of narcissistic jealousy.

This week the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a person called Theresa May, decided to plagiarise a former Labour Prime Minister rather than a former Tory Prime Minister in what looks like a rather desperate attempt to seem in any way credible. John Major survived Maastricht only to fall victim of feral sceptics within his own party and Tony Blair turned out to be a war criminal and poodle of a deeply moronic and therefore dangerous US president. Theresa May ignored Major`s intervention and went with Blair`s line of sophistry.

Major`s speech talked of economic damage and further cuts to the NHS and the welfare state if the current government continued with its policy of “unreal and over-optimistic” expectations regarding an exit from the European Union and “a little more charm and a lot less cheap rhetoric” when negotiating with our European neighbours. Earlier, Blair`s speech talked of the public having a right to change the referendum decision as the vote was “based on imperfect knowledge” and falsely wrapped in a “mantle of patriotism.” He further suggested that Theresa May`s stance would make Scottish independence more likely and would place the Northern Ireland peace agreement at risk. Blair said:
“This is a Government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit. It is a mono-purpose political entity. Those driving this always wanted a Hard Brexit. Indeed even the term Hard Brexit requires amendment. The policy is now Brexit At Any Cost.”

In her address to the Scottish Conservative Party Conference, Prime Minister Theresa May spoke passionately about the importance of Scotland remaining within the United Kingdom. Ignoring John Major and almost quoting Tony Blair, she said:
“The SNP Government is interested only in stoking-up endless constitutional grievance and furthering their obsession with independence, at the expense of Scottish public services like the NHS and education.”

Here is a translation:
“The Conservative Government is interested only in stoking-up endless constitutional grievance and furthering their obsession with Brexit, at the expense of British public services like the NHS and education.”

Mrs May went on to say:
“Politics is not a game and government is not a platform from which to pursue constitutional obsessions. It is about taking serious decisions to improve people`s lives. A tunnel vision nationalism, which focuses only on independence at any cost, sells Scotland short.”

Does this sound familiar? Substitute the word “independence” for the non-word “Brexit” and alter Scotland to the United Kingdom and you have successfully translated Tony Blair double-speak into Theresa May triple-speak.

Here are some further words of wisdom from Mrs May for you to try and translate at home. Remember to substitute SNP for Conservative, Scotland for Britain, United Kingdom for European Union and, of course, independence means independence from the single market and all those awful people keeping the NHS and education going and those foreigners growing our food and looking after social care.

“The simple truth is their policies are not in the best interests of Scotland (clue here), but in the political interest of the SNP (another clue). A party resolutely focused on just one thing: independence (oh come on, you`re not thick).

This one is easy:
“We all know that the SNP will never stop twisting the truth and distorting reality in their effort to denigrate our United Kingdom and further their obsession of independence.”

So is this:
“One of the driving forces behind the Union`s creation was the remorseless logic that greater economic strength and security come from being united. Our wholly integrated domestic market for business means no barriers to trade within our borders.”

Well said Mrs May but this is even better:
“The United Kingdom we cherish is not a thing of the past, but a Union vital to our prosperity and security, today and in the future. A Union in which our national and local identities are recognised and respected, but where our common bonds are strengthened. Let us live up to that high ideal and let us never stop making loudly and clearly, the positive optimistic case for our precious union of nations and people.”

We can only hope that our precious union will outlive those that wish to close borders, become isolated and instil fear and hatred toward our neighbours. When Theresa May is stealing Tony Blair`s discredited clothes and is running scared of xenophobes, then hypocrisy is the very least of her failings.

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