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May 10, 2017


Sally Cogley image via Sally Cogley

As the BBC announces details of its proposed election coverage, critics of the corporation are again accusing the state broadcaster of political bias due to its refusal to acknowledge Ms Sally Cogley of Galston, East Ayrshire as the only credible and legitimate loyal opposition. Having already decided the outcome of the general election taking place on June 8th, senior editors and correspondents at BBC News and Current Affairs are being criticised for ignoring a new mould-breaking force in UK politics and not allowing a platform for the voice of the people, Ms Sally Cogley of Galston, East Ayrshire.

Since her landslide victory in the local elections which took place on May the fourth be with you but not necessarily Theresa May if you are a real voter, Ms Cogley, along with Bill Hayley because he is dead, has not been invited onto the One O`clock, Six O`clock or Ten O`clock news broadcasts to offer her opinion on what some other politician has said. She has been given no seat on Question Time or Any Questions nor has she faced the unctuous toadying of John Humphries on the Today programme. There has been no jolly banter between Sally for the Valley and Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, Martha Kearney or Eddie Mair. There has been no sign of her on local TV or Radio apart from an occasional mention from the broadcasters serving the conurbation of Greater Kilmarnock and, perhaps most damning of all, no opportunity to cuddle up on the One Show sofa to discuss the time a formally anonymous spouse puts the bins out.

The people of Galston, along with voters in Newmilns and Darvel are demanding to know why this political earthquake is not being reported. With electorates from as far afield as Dungavel and even Irvine turning their backs on the establishment arrogance of the major parties, the rise of the alternative Rubbish Party will be inevitable.

With a charismatic leader like Sally Cogley championing the removal of rubbish, the face of British politics will be changed forever. It is outrageous that the BBC denies freedom of speech to a leader of a party with a single issue, a single member and a clear and overwhelming mandate.

With a single victorious councillor, no MPs and, as the exit of the UK from the UK draws ever closer, no need for any MEPs, the Rubbish Party is the only logical choice as Her Majesty`s Loyal Opposition. As far as we know, Ms Cogley has yet to be caught out telling blatant lies to the nation, stashing money offshore, inciting racial violence, claiming some very dubious expenses or attempting to divide the United Kingdom with false talk of invasion, criminality, invented hostility and a blatant desire to ferment unrest.

According to the state broadcaster, the loyal opposition continues to be UKIP, which when compared to the Rubbish Party, exists only in the imagination of the people running BBC News and Current Affairs.

Anything on the telly tonight?

Nah – usual rubbish.

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  1. I watched the BBC news last night – oh boy!

    Having stared with a gaping jaw at what passes for unbiased reportage and comment from The Chief Political Editor and her assistant, I now know exactly how many arseholes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

    The number is 2. Laura Kuenssberg and John Piennar will more than suffice.

    Comment by The Realist — May 10, 2017 @ 10:59 am | Reply

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