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May 17, 2017

Yeah whatever

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In a mature democracy, regardless of overwhelming evidence of reckless irresponsibility, any government deciding to deny voting rights to millions of citizens might appear a little harsh if not actually undemocratic. However, given the scale of blatant indolence, a woeful lack of awareness and an apathetic indifference worthy of sheep being driven to an abattoir, there is a group of wanton hedonists who deserve to be disenfranchised on the grounds of poor taste alone without even considering the total lack of respect, gratitude or accountability that they exhibit.

Embracing a lifestyle of binge drinking, drug-taking and promiscuity, it is obvious that for the good of the nation, anyone aged between 50 and 70 should not be allowed to vote or to stand in an election to public office.

Born after the Second World War and before the release of Sgt Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band, these self-proclaimed baby-boomers are now in positions of power and influence and have managed to turn a post-war economic miracle into a decade of unnecessary austerity that benefits the rich at the expense of the poor. Proclaiming an age of Aquarius, peace, love and understanding, veterans of the Summer of Love have brought us to the brink of a third global conflict and have encouraged hatred and division within and beyond nations.

Waving your arms about to Syd Barrett`s Pink Floyd and dropping tabs or banging your head to early Black Sabbath and skinning up was clearly character forming for the current bastions of the Neighbourhood Watch, Parish Council and national government. It is just about possible to imagine Corbyn jigging about at Glastonbury before Glastonbury became part of the social season along with Wimbledon, Glyndebourne and the Chelsea Flower Show but it is more difficult to conjure up an image of Theresa May aged 23 covered in mud at a Zeppelin Knebworth gig and experiencing strange feelings watching Robert Plant singing Kashmir.

There are millions of people in the UK aged between 50 and 65. These are the people that allowed the Bay City Rollers, On the Buses, Hughie Green, Love Thy Neighbour and Jimmy Savile to happen. Most of them vote and most of them regard children and young people in the same way as they regard farts. Your own are just about acceptable but any coming from another source are disgusting. In 2014, there were about nine million old wind breakers and by now there are probably a million more thanks to advances in medical science.

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In 2014 there were about one and a half million 16 to 17-year-olds in the UK and in the last three years that number has almost certainly increased as the now 20 and 21-year-olds have been replaced by a new and entirely predictable baby boom not allowed to vote. Denied Surestart Centres, sensible class sizes in Primary schools, adequate learning resources in Secondary school and barriers to tertiary education, it is little wonder that the current government refuses to allow a democratic voice to the young people who will inherit the mess (remember that golden excuse of the last seven years) left by a government that cut ESA and tripled university tuition fees. People under the age of 25 do not qualify for housing benefit and have no right to the national living wage.

We can forget the divide between left and right or whatever other divide the ambitious politician might try to invent. The divide is between the old who enjoyed student grants, decent healthcare, access to the housing market, social mobility and a pension and the young who are offered none of the above and are instead vilified as being idle, spoilt and if they dare play a game of football in a park, guilty of anti-social behaviour.

In the late 60`s, having long hair and wearing a tie-die and flares was considered revolutionary. Having discarded the kaftan for a nice cardie, old people now see a hoodie as a threat of violence.

I hope I die before I get old.

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  1. Totally agreed. Not only have we created this monstrous mess, we continue to sleepwalk into £SD oblivion. I am shamed by my generation.

    Comment by The Realist — May 17, 2017 @ 10:35 am | Reply

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