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June 5, 2017

Living in a gig economy

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You are the weakest link – goodbye

It was promoted as the gig of the century with a galaxy of top artists scheduled to appear in what was intended to be a celebration and a commemoration. In a rare show of unity, global superstars were to thrill their millions of fans by singing with various voices to allow the adoring public the chance of deciding just who is the most popular act. Sadly, egos and petty jealousies got in the way.

Legends due to appear included;
Nicola Sturgeon – who wants a divorce and very little else.
Leanne Wood – who wants a divorce but not quite yet.
Paul Nuttall – who wants a divorce but will refuse to pay for it and we all know what blokes like him are like don`t we Leanne.
Caroline Lucas – who wants renewable marriage.
Tim Farron – a desperately dull man desperate to be liked but confused over same sex marriage.
Jeremy Corbyn – a married terrorist sympathiser and threat to national security who would look ridiculous standing naked and alone in a room full of people.
Top of the bill Theresa May – who states that within a marriage there are boy jobs and there are girl jobs.

Top of the bill Theresa May has taken a presidential stance by refusing to appear with the less talented acts further down the bill as she is above petty political squabbling. Instead, she displayed strong and stable leadership by sending an underling tribute act to play the big gig explaining that she was concentrating on closing a new deal with 27 overseas promoters including merchandising and TV rights.

Sadly, with 20,000 fewer police officers, border control officers replaced by private companies running detention centres where uniformed thugs assault, rape and rob asylum seekers and targets for immigration regularly missed by miles, President May`s solo tour isn`t selling terribly well. Perhaps her next move will see vans being driven across bridges telling undesirables to go home.

Theresa May, even in her 60th year, has a long way to go before she shows the courage, strength and leadership of a 23 year-old woman caught, through no fault of her own, in circumstances too dreadful to even contemplate without giving rise to the rawest of emotions. Instead of screaming for irrational revenge, Ariana Grande has spoken of love being victorious and hatred being defeated. Thankfully, natural causes will one day overtake the generations preaching hate to easily led young people and the generations demanding retribution. Most of the people at the Ariana Grande concert were too young to vote.

Not for long though.

Via Daily Mirror

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