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June 8, 2017

Morning has broken…it`s time

With the result of the General Election now a foregone conclusion and with a guaranteed landslide heading towards President Theresa May, the BBC can at last stop searching the streets to interview former Labour voters who will now enthusiastically cast their ballot for Mrs May because the alternative in the sickening shape of Jeremy Corbyn who is simply unelectable.

The small group of newspaper owners can relax in their off-shore havens safe in the knowledge that their editors and hacks have informed the electorate that Jeremy Corbyn is a murdering terrorist who stamps on kittens for pleasure and will sell our children in order to fund a communist invasion from planet Mars.

Having made the sensible decision to announce the only proper result of the election before the polls have opened, mainstream media and sections of social media have spared the population the tiresome and quite unnecessary chore of actually going out to vote. Even a cursory glance at the published manifestos of the political parties would make it impossible for anyone other than a complete idiot not to vote Tory.

For the sake of brevity we can dismiss the efforts of the minor parties but some honourable mentions should be acknowledged. The Green Party will not win votes with a policy of a four-day working week as Tory MPs and peers will not allow this outrageous 75 per cent increase in needing to turn up to claim expenses. The SNP, Plaid Cymru and the bewildering panoply of Northern Irish tribes do not matter because, as the Conservative Party is keen to point out, they are not English. The Liberal Democrats display consistency and honesty by pledging to legalise dope after electing one as their leader and UKIP with a dope of its own will introduce internment, torture and ban the covering of faces. This is likely to alienate voters in the bee-keeping, welding and armed response communities. But at least a blind welder will receive adequate vitamin D via solar power which will more than make up the withdrawal of support after failing a Work Capability Assessment.

A comparison between the manifestos of the two major political parties highlights the fact that there is really only one choice.
A Labour government chaotically bumbling along under the idiotic Jeremy Corby will bring railway infrastructure and operation back into public ownership as each failing franchise expires. A Conservative government under the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May will deliver rail, road, airport capacity and broadband that businesses need but are not prepared to pay for.
An irresponsible Labour government will impose regional, publicly owned water supply and drainage companies to concentrate on utility rather than profit, regain control of energy supply and transmission and reverse the privatisation of the Royal Mail. A responsible Conservative government will continue to sell off public utilities usually to the lowest bidder and consider basic human needs to be an opportunity to make money for already wealthy entities.

Digging deeper into the manifestos, we discover that a Labour government will impose a ban on fracking and ensure that 60 per cent of UK energy derives from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030. A Conservative government will develop the shale industry, scale down onshore wind power (England only) and allow non-shale drilling as permitted development.

The obvious choice for government might not be so obvious.

A Conservative government would take free school lunches away from infants and offer then a seven pence breakfast instead. It would allow universities to increase tuition fees as long as universities sponsor at least 100 new “Free Schools” every year. Grammar Schools will be encouraged to open in affluent areas and select the pupils of affluent parents. Every child will be expected to memorise times tables and single faith schools will be encouraged to open.
A Labour government would scrap tuition fees and reintroduce student maintenance grants. It would establish a National Education Service, introduce 30 hours per week of free child care for all two-year-olds and reduce class sizes to less than 30 in Key Stage One. Free school meals for all primary school children will be paid for by introducing VAT on private school fees.

Hmm…that seems like a rather good idea.

But, before we all get carried away, a government under Theresa May would look after an aging population by scrapping the triple-lock on state pensions, means testing the universal winter fuel payment and take away a dead persons house to pay for the social care that is needed at the end of life which is precisely the care that has already been paid for by a lifetime of work and national insurance contributions. Unelectable Jeremy Corby, with typical Marxist envy, would do exactly the opposite.

He would also end hospital car parking charges, reverse the public sector pay cap, abolish the exploitation of zero hours contracts and raise the national minimum wage to £10 per hour by 2020. In a programme of reversing cuts, his manifesto also promises to end a punitive sanctions regime that targets people with disabilities; reinstate housing benefit for people who are under 21, guarantee the pension triple lock and end the discriminatory bedroom tax. For good measure he throws in a promise on keeping a free bus pass for pensioners and will not increase the current pensionable age and will compensate the WASPI women currently being robbed of their pension rights…anarchist!

The promise by the Theresa May government to dissolve the Serious Fraud Office into the National Crime Agency and the decision to not go anywhere near approving the second promised part of the Leveson Inquiry and the repeal section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2014 are simply cost saving measures and are definitely not, in any way shape or form, by any stretch of the imagination anything to do with Tory donors committing fraud or a condition of the continued patronage of loyal if megalomaniac newspaper owners with no need of a winter fuel payment. No, honest – it`s the truth.

The strong and stable leadership of Mrs May will see immigration into the UK fall below 100,000 just as it didn`t do when Theresa May was a mere Home Secretary promising that immigration into the UK would fall below 100,000 following the last two General Elections. Thanks goodness Mrs May did not reduce the Border Force, or the number of police officers when she was Home Secretary. She herself has admitted that “enough is enough” and after seven years of strong and stable leadership, she is perhaps being a little hard on herself to accept that a failed migration policy and an increase in terrorist threats and attacks during her tenure has had anything to do her rather than the obvious cause which is Jeremy Corbyn`s traitorous faith in dialogue rather than divisive rhetoric.

Mrs May`s next government will quite rightly impose a levy on firms that employ migrant workers and overseas students will be expected to leave the UK once they have paid their fees but will remain as part of the immigration statistics. Mr Corbyn`s pathetic response is to guarantee the rights of EU nationals within the UK and expect to secure the rights of UK residents within the EU. Students will not be part of immigration statistics.

There is, if you care to look, one major difference in the Labour and Conservative manifestos. For all the promises, pledges and guarantees, the bottom line in how all this will be funded is approached in very different ways.

The Labour manifesto, with complete disregard for the needs and concerns of a very few wealthy people, envisages an extra tax take of £48.6billion. This involves a 50p tax rate for those earning more than £123,000 per year and a 45p rate on those earning more than £80,000 per year. Another £19.4billion will come from a rate of corporation tax that is not applicable to small businesses and another £6.5billion will be generated by making individuals and corporate entities pay the tax that they owe. More money will come from a levy not on migrant workers, but from salaries above £330,000. With this vague, preposterous and completely unworkable economic strategy, Labour claim that they will fund their extravagant promises and pay for 10,000 extra police officers and an extra 3,000 fire-fighters.

On the other hand, the carefully worked out economic strategy of the Conservative Party suggests that prosperity will be driven by a strong and stable economy driven by a strong and stable Theresa May. We can dismiss the weak pound, the increase in inflation, the stagnation of wages, increasing deficit and debt and the necessity for further borrowing as being completely irrelevant to the magnificent achievements of Mrs May and, before her, that courageous statesman David Cameron and his endearing familiar George Osborne.

Mrs May called her surprise election to strengthen her hand at the imminent negotiations to extract the UK from the European Union. However, repealing the Human Rights Act, embarking on a treacherous Great Reform Bill and holding hands with a volatile and unstable US president is neither strong nor stable and might just prove to be a mistake. Even if she wins as President, unless she crushes unelectable Corbyn with a landslide, her presidency will be short lived as ambitious sharks are already circling picking up on the scent of weakness and hypocrisy. When considering this possible outcome, imagine the election result if Corbyn had been supported by all Labour MPs.

Reading the manifestos, there can only be one choice for a future that gives prosperity, security, common good, fairness and, perhaps more importantly, hope to the United Kingdom and to our neighbours elsewhere. Regardless of what the vested interests controlling government, industry, the economy and the media might wish, we are still a democracy. Theresa May has staked everything on leadership and what we as an electorate want from a leader.

Polling stations open in two hours and the result will be guessed at in 17 hours time and the result will be confirmed within 24 hours. There is only one choice…

…and it`s not Theresa May.

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  1. Joking aside, the reality of these jackals getting back in makes depressing reading as what you list becomes reality.

    Comment by Keith Povall (@soxer100) — June 8, 2017 @ 5:55 am | Reply

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