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January 8, 2017

Tess of the Uber Viles

In her strides

In her strides

If ghosts actually exist and if they do exist are capable of exhaling, then the ghost of Frederick North, second Earl of Guilford and Tory Prime Minister between 1770 and 1782 will be expelling an enormous sigh of relief at the moment. After 235 years of being generally considered as the most useless, indolent, weak and shallow British Prime Minister devoid of any leadership quality, he now finds himself in third place in that particular race to the bottom.

Lord North might be remembered as the Prime Minister who lost the Americas and fought numerous European wars against the French, Spanish, Dutch and just about anybody else. He even manufactured his own Falkland crisis in 1770 in order to fuel tensions between former allies France and Spain and won the conflict simply because of the dominance of the Royal Navy. Sadly, the Royal Navy, built on the proceeds of plunder, slavery and brutal colonialism could not secure victory in the American War of Independence. The irony that the American Navy some 242 years later could not defend America`s independence will not be lost on Vladimir Putin. (more…)

December 18, 2016

Ministry of Magic

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Silly Abbey Road

Silly Abbey Road

Of all the government departments labouring away in the dark recesses of Whitehall, none is more expert at artifice, trickery and prestidigitation than the secretive Ministry of Magic. Employing sleight of hand and illusion, its job is to conjure up enough distraction to deceive a gullible public into thinking that everything is going to be alright and that government is kind and is not stealing money from tax payers.

The latest piece of trickery is to announce a complete non-story via the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government that an oath of allegiance to “British values” might be introduced. Elected officials, including MPs and local authority councillors, civil servants, council workers, teachers and employees of the NHS and BBC will be expected to verbally pledge their loyalty to the crown. Smoke and mirrors are again being cleverly deployed to shift attention away from the ludicrous farce and ongoing train wreck that is our government`s stance on leaving the European Union. (more…)

December 12, 2016

The normalisation of Donald Trump

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In the growing cacophony generated by whole hosts of gloating winners and regiments of whining losers, the much abused English language has taken a bit of a battering of late.

What was once a solemn promise is now described as an ambition; a guarantee is an aspiration, blatant bare-faced lies are basic expressions of a post-truth world and 100 per cent rock solid facts are dismissed as not being recognisable and so simply ignored. Bigotry is patriotism; foreigners are the root cause of all our problems and fascists now refer to themselves as “alt-right”. Crass ignorance is now “populism” and any openly gay former Olympic fencers, feminists and people with foreign sounding names who are now Appeal Court Judges and have the temerity to defend the law and human rights are now considered to be enemies of the people. (more…)

December 10, 2016

Throne of Games

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Supreme Court

Supreme Court

The sound quality was appalling, the camera angles limited and the best way to describe the vision mixing would be clumsy to say the very least but the Supreme Court`s live streaming of the government`s appeal against a High Court ruling regarding the use of the royal prerogative to trigger Article 50 and so leave the European Union made for compelling viewing.

Conducted with a consummate dignity and with a respectful politeness now completely eradicated from news, current affairs, documentary and reality television programming, all R (on the application of Miller and another)(Respondents) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Appellant) needs is a snappier title and it could well be up for multiple BAFTA nominations. Watching the finest legal minds in the United Kingdom offer arguments and counter-arguments might not be everyone`s idea of daytime television but it was infinitely more edifying that the freak shows that allow us to laugh at the poor and poorly educated. There was no need for bouncers at the Supreme Court. (more…)

December 6, 2016

Above the law

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The Supreme Court Walking Football Team

The Supreme Court Walking Football Team

It is becoming depressingly clear that sections of the UK media and swathes of the UK public have a remarkably thin grasp of how the law works so here is a word of advice to those attempting to undermine the credibility and national loyalty of senior judges: your argument might fail if you persist in shouting out insults and lies. The old duffers currently hearing the government`s appeal against a High Court ruling that parliament and not cabinet should trigger the Article 50 process of leaving the European Union are concerned only with the law and not with politics, economics, xenophobia or the pig ignorance of certain newspaper editors and proprietors. (more…)

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