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June 1, 2014

Let`s do the time warp again

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Whenever there is a shift in political balance, regardless of its magnitude, it is inevitably described as a lurch to something other than the status quo. The results of the European and local elections in the UK might suggest a small jump to the left with a simultaneous step to the right but what is likely to drive us all insane is the inappropriate and worryingly vulgar pelvic thrust of the unpleasant Farage creature. Rather than lurching in any particular direction, British politics and the politics of Europe and beyond are swirling into a combined vortex heading inexorably down the drain. (more…)

May 7, 2014

A year of living dangerously

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In slightly less than 364 days, polling stations across the United Kingdom will open for business in the great general election of 2015. We can be certain of this thanks to the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 which, for the first time, ensures power for five whole years. Previously, parliament could only be dissolved by Royal Prerogative on the advice of the Prime Minister under the Septennial Act 1715 and its 1911 amendment. The coalition changed all that. The result is that we now have a government that failed to secure a mandate and regardless of the damage it is doing, is almost impossible to remove until May 7 2015.

In slightly less than 13 days, polling stations will open for voting in local and European elections. Usually, this exercise of the democratic right to elected representation results in something less than a stampede but this year might just be different. (more…)

December 15, 2013

Missing the point

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For the first time since the dawn of creation, God will pull rank and force his way through the crowds to have his photograph taken standing next to the latest arrival in heaven.

The passing of a frail old man in poor health undoubtedly brings profound sorrow it but can hardly have come as a shocking surprise. The understandable outpouring of grief for a life ended after 95 years mistakes the pragmatism of mortality with the relevance of legacy. Those weeping at the departure of the man are missing the point; what Mandela did and what he stood for will live forever and should be embraced with joy.

The media, both “legitimate” and “social”, have reacted with the predictable emotional equivalent of a volley of baton rounds fired into a township. (more…)

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