The Plastic Hippo

April 2, 2015

Five weeks to go

Wisgi Cymreig

Wisgi Cymreig

Only three days in, the proper general election campaign has already descended down a rabbit-hole to not just live next door to Alice, but to maliciously cohabitate with the intent of defrauding benefits from the Department of Work and Pensions. Surreal does not even begin to describe what the bloody hell is going on.

Back in the early hours of Monday morning, what better way to mark the passing of something awful than to raise a glass of something lovely and irrefutably Scottish. Thus, at one minute past midnight on the second day of British Summer Time, a celebratory Lagavulin was sipped in thanks and relief at the dissolution of the most woeful parliament in living memory. A second glass was raised in trepidation at what might come next. (more…)

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