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January 23, 2013

Blue Monday

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Utter nonsense

Utter nonsense

Monday was a depressing day. Not because of some very spurious psychobabble invented by a bogus “scientist”, but because of the writhing of a dying society. We are sinking fast with little hope of redemption.

The failed Sky Travel channel invented the most depressing day of the year in an attempt to flog holidays. To do so, they recruited some shyster or other to legitimise the marketing plan with a meaningless formula. Within this complete bunkum, W=weather, d=debt, T= time since Christmas, Q=time since the failure of new year`s resolutions, M= low levels of motivation and Na= the realisation that action needs to be taken. Quite what D is equal to has never been defined or explained. Using nonsense masquerading as logic, it is little wonder that BSkyB pulled the plug on the ridiculous Sky Travel channel.

As Tom Jones might growl, it`s not unusual to feel a little bit down after Christmas but wistful melancholia is nothing compared to real depression and actual despair at what is happening and what is about to happen. Even after years of meaningless and illegal conflicts, Monday saw a British Prime Minister again standing before parliament talking of threats to national security and a mission to pursue and destroy terrorists wherever they are hiding. He said that this mission could take decades and described it as a “generational struggle”. As one military adventure ends in defeat, or tactical withdrawal if you prefer, another is about to begin. It`s oil and gas, you see; not the lives of British servicemen and women.

On Monday evening we were treated to news footage of a young man actually fighting in Afghanistan. He told us that his dexterity at computer games helped him in his tasks and how much he enjoyed serving his country and being one of the boys. Seated beside his aircraft, the suggested similarity to a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot was perhaps a little over stage managed. All we needed was a scramble to allow the warrior prince to jump into his kite and get in amongst Jerry. You do not need to guess what happened next. With his tour of duty over and presumably enjoying another game of strip pool with some young lovelies, young ginger`s comments are not exactly helpful. There is more to being one of the boys than simply sitting at the sharp end of an Apache gunship shooting and killing people. Blue blooded talk of computer game death and taking a life to save a life will be of little comfort the next time one of the boys or girls walks into an IED or a madman explodes a rucksack on the streets of a British city. The following day, with the media full of the warrior prince, the MOD announced 5,000 redundancies.

Back in the House of Commons on Monday, Michael Gove continued to destroy education and later, MP`s voted to pass disgraceful “Welfare Reforms” into law. Tory MPs cheered as 200,000 more children are condemned to a life of poverty. They were, as usual, supported by the majority of abhorrent Liberal Democrats. To be fair, nine of them with a vague recollection of the concept of honour and honesty, voted with the opposition but 37 of the vermin gobbled the table scraps thrown to them by their masters and 11 of the bastards didn`t have the courage to turn up and vote. Roll on 2015 and good riddance. If the Liberal Democrats are below contempt, then the Labour front bench are rapidly descending to join them in the duplicitous mire. Miliband has consistently refused to say if he will reverse the madness of austerity for the poor and the comfortable and the obscenity of tax breaks and bonuses for the very, very wealthy. When talking head Stephen Timms seemed to suggest as well as opposing a one per cent benefits cap, Labour would restore the link to inflation; this stance was quickly spun back to the default Labour front bench position of saying nothing not very much. Instead of fighting for the welfare state, Labour seems to be coveting the emperor’s new clothes.

In Walsall on Monday, we witnessed the local Labour group go into complete melt-down. Bombarding the council Twitter account for answers to questions only whatever God you follow is privy to, they suggested that the poor soul tasked with social media was deliberately acting with political bias. Rather than question the relevant cabinet member, they harangued a public servant trying to do a thankless job. Dark tales of unreported questions were reported and open and transparent local government was believed to be a sham. When offered a response or even when challenged, it seems that openness and transparency is a closed book to Labour when it comes to an opposing point of view. Comments, apparently, need to be moderated for legal reasons and to deter a voice to “BNP types”. Another reason for us on the left to despair. If it wasn`t so tragic it would be laughable.

In another part of the Palace of Westminster on Monday, former television presenter and Under-Secretary of State Esther McVey proved to the Work and Pensions select committee that she is missing a single bloody clue as to her role and responsibility within her department. She claims that Disability Living Allowance intended to give people a modicum of dignity and independence, “discourages employment” and so should be scrapped. This woman is so thick that she does not understand that the mobility component of DLA allows people with disabilities to work. You know, Esther, earn money, and pay taxes, that sort of thing. The Conservative member for West Wirral rents a flat in London funded by the tax-payer.

It seems that the rate of people taking their own lives in the UK has dramatically and horrifyingly increased. Tragically, the trend is likely to continue with this failing government branding people with disabilities as “shirkers” as a justification for cutting the right to benefits and labelling workers made redundant by a basket-case economy as “scroungers”. We have a Prime Minister out of control and tub thumping for another war at the same time being willing to jeopardise the entire economy simply to placate some wild-eyed UKIP single issue lunatics. We are in a situation that allows a tiny fringe party without any representation in parliament to dictate economic and foreign policy. The third in line to the throne, until June anyway, has been off to the colonies hunting natives with a high calibre aerial weapons platform. Stupid people become ministers at the Department of Work and Pensions. There are, with this bunch of inept, corrupt and elitist parasites ruining the nation, not many reasons to be cheerful.

Monday, however, did offer some semblance of hope for the planet. The 44th, current and first African American President of the United States took the oath of office to officially start his second term. As Cameron gave a speech indicating decades of war, Obama celebrated the end of 10 years of war. The President made commitments to tackle climate change, battle against poverty, prejudice and inequality. He talked of health care, immigration, gun control and the right to same-sex marriage. Cameron is about to make an unholy mess of an in/out Europe referendum simply to try and save his own skin. However, his wealthy self-interested backers and his back benchers will abandon him and appoint a lapdog with less ability that even the current unelected Prime Minister. Sadly, unless Labour bother to turn up disguised as socialists, there will be no alternative to challenge the current insanity.

Perhaps the dubious equation works after all. Weakness plus debt times time to the next election squared by broken promises over incompetence times greed. Yes, that will work. Time for the anti-depressants, I think.


  1. In your blog you say Walsall Labour did …. But you know the comments were mine tweeted under my name and in my Twitter profile I state all views expressed are my own. Yet you attribute them to the Labour Party: a complete distortion k. If you want t

    Comment by George Makin — January 23, 2013 @ 6:21 pm | Reply

  2. The Hippo makes some very salient points.

    Despite his over-valuation of the Liberal Democrats, Obhama and the likelihood of the electorate showing up in any serious numbers at the next ballot box, rightly points out the corruption and ineptitude of the Government.

    He also also rightly alludes to Camerons desire to engage us in any conflict that will benefit the arms manufacturers and energy interests. He also points to the deliberate and continuing intent to impoverish and disenfranchise the majority of us.

    He fails, however, to properly value the gift of even a short break away. Having just indulged in one, albeit for only 48 hours, my return to Walsall has heightened my already deep sense of desperation. On the upside, it has strengthened my resolve to see the back of these wretched local and national coalitions and the lunatics that run them.

    As for George, after reading his blog, he has a point of sorts. But making the Council Press Office the focus of debate makes about as much sense as trying to burst one ballon by hitting it with another.

    Far better to focus on highlighting the issues, rather than pick Twitter arguments about how many journalists it takes to change a light bulb.

    (Answer = 5 – one to change the bulb, one to investigate why the bulb needed changing in the first place, one to vox pop anyone who might have changed a light bulb, one to write a story about the need for a light bulb change and one to write a story challenging the need for a change and questioning the expenditure.)

    The Realist

    challenging the whole light bulb – changing scenario, its need and validity

    Comment by The Realist — January 27, 2013 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

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