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December 1, 2015


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Via the plastic hippo

Via the plastic hippo

Should David Cameron tire of being the most disingenuous Prime Minister in living memory, he might consider a change of career and apply for a lucrative post as head of a corrupt sport. There are plenty of vacancies in rugby, cricket, cycling, boxing, athletics, horse racing and professional wrestling that would be a perfect match for his skills and experience. If Tony Blair can be a Middle East peace envoy, then Cameron would be ideal as the big boss of FIFA or the International Olympic Committee. He should, however, steer well clear of tennis as we seem to doing rather well at that. (more…)

November 1, 2015


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Image via EPA

Image via EPA

There are a lot of things in Rugby Union that can make you cry. Defeat perhaps and certainly the pain of being flattened by eight or nine huge blokes reeking of testosterone and bitter at being rejected as extras in a Lord of the Rings film because they were considered to be too ugly as Orcs are only two such reasons. Mercifully, my Saturday afternoons of violence masquerading as sport and Saturday nights explaining bite marks, lacerations to the back and the thighs and the odd facial stud impression to a sceptical partner belong to the days when James Callaghan was Prime Minister. In these more sedentary times, Rugby Union is definitely a game to be watched rather than played. (more…)

October 14, 2015

Wanton boys



The absolute joy of existing in an infinite and expanding universe is the certainty that the space-time continuum will continue to throw up some astonishing surprises. Who on earth could ever have imagined that FIFA actually has an actual ethics committee or that Michael Gove would actually do something useful by reversing the barking mad decisions made by failing Grayling at the Ministry of Justice. Pensioners in the House of Lords might pay good money for being put to the lash but a pensioner in a Saudi prison might be bad for business. With friends like Saudi Arabia, who needs extraterrestrial aliens with vaporising death rays? Obviously the government will engage in a “dialogue” with the bug-eyed silicone based life-forms from somewhere beyond Alpha Centauri in the hope of flogging them some lovely weaponry. (more…)

September 1, 2015

Saddle up

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It is foolish to wish your life away but, on current form, I wish this coming Wednesday was September 23rd when the mighty Chelsea Football Club travel to Walsall. Three weeks is a long time in football and fortunes may change, but if the next game both teams play were to be the third round League Cup match, Walsall could beat Chelsea. No, really…think about it.

Having played five, won four and drawn one, Walsall are top of League One and a mere 31 places behind Chelsea in the football league. Chelsea have been beaten by the likes of Crystal Palace and there is a palpable absence of confidence and morale at Stamford Bridge. (more…)

August 8, 2015

How much?

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Setting aside the impulse purchase of a Betamax video player and an eight track cartridge player for a Sinclair C5, forking out 140 quid for a seat in the Radcliffe Road end at Trent Bridge for the fourth day of the Ashes test seemed rather rash.

England, however, easily won the Ashes before noon on the third day and thus the long planned journey to Nottingham was rendered redundant. Fortunately, Trent Bridge gives refunds so the dosh is earmarked for a shopping trolley full of Fosters and a case of Jacob`s Creek Shiraz. (more…)

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