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September 28, 2016

Twilight`s last gleaming

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Way back in 1992, the ubiquity of email was far from established and many employers regarded the internet as the work of the devil that had no place in a productive workplace. Working for one particular Jurassic corporation who ironically shunned all things electrical, some of us lobbied for email access as a vital commercial tool guaranteeing more communication and therefore more business and more profit. We prevailed, of course, and the IT department was expanded to include some glorious, unfathomable eccentrics to make the thing work. It was a joy to meet with them; it was like conversing with extraterrestrials. (more…)

September 23, 2016

Banana split


You might be forgiven for thinking that after 116 years of banging on about how unity is strength; the Labour Party might just have grasped something approaching an understanding of what unity actually is. Now with more than 500,000 members, the Labour Party resembles the universe at about a nanosecond after the Big Bang. There are slightly less than 500,000 bits and pieces moving at slightly less than the speed of light in just about 500,000 different directions. Unity, in Labour`s case, is the strength of a black hole pulling everything towards oblivion. (more…)

September 17, 2016

Follow the leader

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Once upon a time long ago, on a management training course organised by an employer determined to waste both time and money, a rather vacuous facilitator explained the difference between leadership and management. Management, it seems, is defined as “doing things right” and leadership is the ability to “do the right thing”. The training day, or Continued Professional Development as this psycho babble is now called, was punctuated by a bland lunch in a bland conference room in a bland chain hotel just off a motorway junction. (more…)

September 14, 2016

This little piggy


It has been merely a year since hilarity, hysteria and abject horror engulfed the British political zeitgeist with lurid tales of strange behaviour at the very pinnacle of government. With the entire world watching the sordid farce unfold; the temptation to pile in at the time with endless references to porcine quadrupeds seemed almost irresistible. However, a more mature and balanced reaction was to adopt the approach of broadcast media especially the BBC by first ignoring it, then doubting it and then playing the whole thing down with talk of “bawdy pranks”, high jinks, undergraduate mischief and “harmless initiation rituals”. After all, what goes on between a future Prime Minister and the severed head of a pig in the privacy of an Oxford dining club is none of our business. (more…)

September 5, 2016

Muppet Show

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The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

When lurid allegations begin to circulate regarding the private goings on of public figures, it is best to remember that very little is actually true unless a judge and or a jury are of the opinion that something or other might have happened. Consider the current misfortunes of one Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz the Labour MP for Leicester East. Constantly described as powerful and influential, Mr Vaz seems to have run into a spot of bother involving prostitutes, drugs and unprotected sex. Given the reputation of our elected representatives, this sort of behaviour might come as no surprise but we have yet to be offered any evidence of illegality. Keith should know; Keith is a lawyer. (more…)

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