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May 21, 2015

In Dublin`s fair city

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The tart with the cart

The tart with the cart

Any gesture of reconciliation, regardless of how small has to be considered as a very good thing if truth and peace are to be re-established. With the UK mainland media wetting its collective pants over a handshake and obsessing over a dead uncle, the really big story in Ireland has been almost completely overlooked.

Ten days ago, riding on the fast and frequent airport shuttle into Dublin city centre, every lamp post and tree and almost every other building was festooned with posters urging the electorate to vote yes. “Votail Ta” said the Fianna Fail posters; “Sinn Fein says vote Yes for equality”; “Fine Gael supports freedom” and “Labour vote Yes” suggested that all the major political parties were displaying unusual unity. I later read in the Irish Times that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny, a practicing Catholic and former critic of equal marriage had changed his mind and was asking the populous to vote yes. (more…)

May 19, 2015


Walsall Arboretum

For many blindingly obvious reasons, it was an absolute joy to spend last week away from the United Kingdom. As the aching disappointment at the outcome of the general election gave way to abject terror at what is likely to happen to this country now that Cameron has an actual mandate, boarding an aircraft and flying away has never been so pleasurable.

Mercifully missing out on endless post mortems, excuses and recriminations; the end of the road for the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party tearing itself apart again and the Farage creature making a complete fool of himself by resigning and then not resigning, the overseas media hardly reported the tawdry UK bun fight. The only evidence I saw was in a crowded bar as the barista flicked through the channels looking for the Real Madrid Juventus game. He paused on a news report that showed smug Tory ministers banging the table as Cameron entered to chair the first meeting of his new cabinet. My heart sank and my flesh crawled. Juventus held on for a draw and I held on to the thought of not coming back. (more…)

May 11, 2015

Willow, Portillo, Tit Willow

Via Sydney Morning Herald

The snag with silver linings is that they are invariably accompanied by enormous, dark and threatening clouds. Quite how the UK electorate decided on another five years of Cameron, free at last of those pesky Liberal Democrats, is as baffling as it is disturbing.

It is as if the populous are channelling their collective unconscious duty after centuries of serfdom into obedience of aristocratic masters. Perhaps we have become a nation of masochists or we are possibly suffering a mass outbreak of Stockholm syndrome. It`s not good, but that`s how democracy works and the result has to be accepted because the result is the will of the people. Daubing graffiti on war memorials and chucking traffic cones at policemen is as sensible as invading the pitch after the skilled away team scores a goal against the useless home team. It`s not that Labour were useless, it`s that Lynton Crosby and that American bloke were more clever and more ruthless. (more…)

May 5, 2015

You are getting sleepy

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Via DoubleM2

Via DoubleM2

Ask any reasonably competent comedy stage hypnotist how he or she can seemingly control minds, they will lie and say that it is a mysterious gift. The truth is less arcane and far more plausible. The trick is that anyone willing to part with money to be entertained by such hokum is already in some sort of susceptible trace. All the mesmerist need do is spot the audience members on the edge of their seats, wide-eyed and grinning, wanting to believe and participate and he has his “subjects” for the evening.

Separating the gullible from their money is relatively simple for a smooth operator but extracting votes from anxious people requires even less finesse. As the undisputed champion pub bore of all England, the shy, retiring and modest Farage creature keeps his primary ability carefully hidden to avoid exposure as a charlatan; he is an acknowledged master of stage hypnotism. Spotting fear and ignorance in the audience, he has indeed caused a political earthquake that will change the course of society and the future. He has made overt racism respectable once again. (more…)

May 2, 2015

A six day test

Via Mirrorpix

Via Mirrorpix

There comes a moment in a test match, usually just before lunch on the fourth day, when cricket fans realise that both sides have settled for a draw. With rain on the way, the art of spin replaces the raw aggression of pace and a lofted drive through extra cover or the dispatch of a bouncer with a hook over the head of deep fine leg gives way to studious back foot defence. As an American friend once observed; “What…five days and nobody won..?”

British politics was once as different to American politics as cricket is to baseball. Both certainly involve a bat, a ball and people running about but with fireworks and dancing girls at test matches and a UK election to decide between two individual human beings, the boundaries have become indistinct. The presidential candidates ambitious for number 10 are playing out for a draw by doing a lot of shouting and basically keeping their powder dry until the next test match takes place in October. (more…)

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