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February 1, 2016

White rabbits

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After a busy January, show business editors, arts correspondents and the poor souls buried in film archives will be looking through their fingers at an approaching February and the next tranche of celebrity demise. Even the most imaginative authors of obituaries must be struggling to construct an original sentence containing mandatory terms of deferential respect such as icon, legend, national treasure, hugely influential and never to be forgotten. There are times when “person of advancing years with a health condition dies after an illness” simply will not do.

In this information technology age, smart eulogists could simply set up a template, load in a bunch of algorithms and the piece will compose itself well before the print deadline or broadcast. Age (veteran, popular, up and coming), occupation (actor, musician, entertainer, politician,); cause of death (drugs, drink, terminal medical condition, the discharging of a firearm) and a few vintage photographic images guarantees immortality for the sadly deceased and a job well done by the busy hack. (more…)

January 22, 2016

Deeply disturbing…probably

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When a government resorts to summary execution, extrajudicial assassination and cold blooded murder then that government is clearly failing and represents a rogue and pariah state. Few would disagree with the UK Home Secretary when she unequivocally states that the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko is a “blatant and unacceptable breach of the most fundamental tenets of international law and civilised behaviour.” Thank goodness we have Trident to deter such state sponsored acts of nuclear terrorism and we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that the teapots of Mayfair are now free of Polonium thanks to the courageous defence policy of our courageous government. (more…)

January 20, 2016

Caller on line one

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Image via David Fisher Rex Features

Image via David Fisher Rex Features

”And that was Life on Mars by David Bowie; a musical legend and the man who changed the world. In this hour we discuss Britain`s nuclear deterrent. Trident; good or bad, right or wrong, vital or irrelevant, fried or boiled, salt or pepper, indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction or the ultimate insurance policy? Have your say by calling our usual number.

Our first caller is Abraham from Barking. Hello Abraham, what would you like to say about Trident? Good or bad, right or wrong, vital or… (more…)

January 9, 2016


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Get down John, you`re not the PM

Get down John, you`re not the PM

Amid allegations of political bias and the blatant disregard of balanced impartiality, the BBC has once again provoked a storm of outrage and a flood of complaints. This latest controversy centres on senior political correspondent Valerie Singleton`s attempt to interfere with the democratic process by asking former Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Geoffrey Howe if he might be considering his position as a member of the government. (more…)

January 6, 2016

Shuffle off

Mortal coil

Mortal coil

In what passes for news in these strange times, it is becoming obvious that Jeremy Corbyn is a malicious, manipulating megalomaniac and a naive incompetent fool. If the UK media is to be believed, and who could not accept the gospel according to Grub Street, Corbyn is uniquely able to be in possession of evil cunning and crass stupidity simultaneously. Even given the strict caveat that every mention of his name must be accompanied by the statement “I do not agree with everything he says”, the reality is that Corbyn is turning out to be something of a genius. (more…)

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