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September 3, 2015


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We now know that his name is David and that he is 48 years old and that he comes from Oxfordshire. David likes to talk a lot about “British” values such as democracy, tolerance, freedom, respect and equality as if these are uniquely “British” possessions. Sadly, David and his government are systematically dismantling the very values he wishes the rest of us to adhere to. Faced with the direst humanitarian crisis that Europe has endured in 70 years, David shrugs his shoulders, turns his back, shuts his eyes, sticks his fingers in his ears and shouts “la la la la, can`t hear you.”

David is the kind of national leader that is skilful in turning the tragedies of others into political advantage. The people desperate to escape barrel bombs, chemical weapons, indiscriminate gunfire, a murderous Syrian regime and an even more murderous ISIS are not, according to David, refugees under the protection of international law but are in fact “economic migrants” demanding an easy life funded by the UK benefits system. David is using their misery to appease his rabid backbenchers and as a bargaining chip in any re-negotiation of membership of the EU.

Having allowed a pitifully few Syrian refugees into the UK, presumably after checking their bank statements and work capability assessments, David says that the answer will not be found by allowing “more and more” people who wish to avoid death to “swarm” into fortress Britain. His answer is to promote “peace and stability” in the Middle East. He does this by ordering the RAF to drop bombs on the Middle East. It is comparatively recently that he was in favour of military intervention in Syria and smiled upon the idea of arming the people now calling themselves ISIS. There is now talk of supporting the Assad regime against ISIS and who can forget the sheer brilliance of David`s intervention in Libya. The House of Saud will always be welcome at Chequers.

If cabinet ministers are seriously considering offering asylum to Syrian families fleeing the carnage, perhaps they should offer accommodation in their second, third and fourth homes for six months or a year. There are enough un-taxed bedrooms kicking about that could quadruple the number of people allowed a place of safety. They could start with Chequers.

David does not seem to understand is that this is more than a European “problem” to be exploited for political advantage. With the main railway station in Budapest in lock-down, razor wire across the Serbian border, a blockade of Calais that Henry V would envy and children suffocating in sealed trucks, David really should give up on stoking the xenophobic rhetoric targeted at bigots and racists who might be stupid enough to vote for him or his successor. He should also stop selling weaponry to nasty dictators.

The temptation to illustrate this minor rant with an image of a dead child washed up on a Turkish beach was difficult to resist but if you need a picture to tell you that a dead child has been washed up on a Turkish beach then I am afraid that you have a problem with reading and understanding words.

We now know that his name was Aylan Kurdi and that he was three years old and that he and his family came from Kobane in northern Syria. He and his five year old brother Galip along with his mother and three other children including two brothers from another family died trying to find freedom and safety. The British media continue to describe them as “migrants.” It is blindingly obvious that any parent lured by £36-00 per week asylum seeker allowance would happily endanger their children in leaking boats or sealed trucks or a climb over razor wire to enjoy a life of luxury.

We could, of course, argue the difference in definition. Refugee or economic migrant might suit a political agenda, but short-term popularity in opinion polls cannot mask the fact that we are talking about fellow human beings. Just like the “swarm” that seeks a new life in northern Europe where democracy, tolerance, freedom, respect and equality are the values of a nation, I might consider relocating to Germany.

David will soldier on as the defender of Albion`s borders but as this humanitarian crisis deepens, he will be remembered as a shallow, heartless, callous bastard. Little Aylan is dead; David is still with us.


  1. Reblogged this on Getting There.

    Comment by Aiden McHaffie — September 3, 2015 @ 7:11 am | Reply

  2. Maybe if Canada hadn’t refused “Little Aylan”‘s families migration application he’d still be with us too?

    Comment by Rob — September 3, 2015 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

  3. Rob

    I have read your responses to many of the Hippo posts. I find them disagreeable and sometimes offensive.

    This one takes the biscuit.

    I will leave the Hippo to defend his own views. Mine are that you are a smug, callous and self serving prick with no useful opinions or ideas, no interest in human beings and of no use to anything except your own right hand.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — September 5, 2015 @ 11:28 am | Reply

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