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September 26, 2015

George…don`t do that

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Image via Stefan Rousseau

Image via Stefan Rousseau

The genius of Joyce Grenfell`s Nursery School monologue is that what George is actually doing is left to our sordid imaginations. Decades on, and with the quaint and gentle satire of black and white television and the Home Service a distant memory, what George is actually doing requires no subtle interpretation.

On a recent jaunt to China, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has indicated exactly how his long term economic plan actually works. Like some low-life addicted to crack cocaine, he steals stuff that he does not own to flog it off at a knock down price to unscrupulous dealers simply to fund his self-destructive habit. Like most other addicts, he is in complete denial and regularly announces that he is clean, the economy is booming and the deficit is being reduced. Unfortunately, the Chancellor who promised that the deficit would be gone by 2015 has actually increased the deficit along with national debt and levels of governmental borrowing. It seems that austerity is vital as Osborne continues to bankrupt the nation.

In China, he bungs two billion quid to subsidise a Communist dictatorship who will now design, build, operate and own the next generation of nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom. Having abandoned the promise to promote carbon capture initiatives in the burning of fossil fuels and imposing constraints on renewable energy, Osborne is only interested in a fast buck, or Yuan in this case, to bail him out until the next quick fix. Given China`s impeccable track record in health and safety and the storage of fissile material and other explosive elements, this is not likely to end well. George…don`t do that.

With the Chinese economy heading face down into the shark fin soup, Osborne intends to link the London stock exchange to the Shanghai stock exchange. George…George.

Even before it has been approved by parliament, Osborne is offering the HS2 franchise to China in the hope of another score. As he destroys steel production on Teesside and sells off the profitable East Coast Mainline, it is difficult to understand how these deals are good for British industry.

As he prepares to remove school meals from children that his incompetence has brought into poverty, Osborne gifts three million quid to grass roots football in China. The second largest economy on the planet will undoubtedly welcome this largess but given China`s impeccable track record of dealing with governmental corruption, it is unlikely that the money will be spent on tea and oranges at half time. China will emulate the FIFA way of doing things. George…don`t do that.

It is becoming clear what is going on here. Cameron is surplus to requirements and the Tories want to replace him with Osborne who will take the UK out of Europe. To compensate for the resultant trade deficit, Osborne was dispatched to China to suck up to a corrupt, aggressive and far more intelligent regime than that at Conservative Central Office. In short, Osborne is too stupid to do anything other than what he is instructed to do and will happily be the United Kingdom`s crack whore.

In these strange days, it is difficult to listen back to Joyce Grenfell without imagining her presiding over a Conservative government cabinet meeting. It seems that Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to national security.

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  1. How ironic that an avowed free market trader has bought, unseen, a box of busted china.

    Comment by The Realist — October 3, 2015 @ 10:31 am | Reply

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